Lisa Dalton - Article/Review
The idea of 'mapping' has become such a powerful concept that it has long surpassed its original meaning. Re-mapping the atmospheric landscape of Cornwall, through the poetic vision of Lisa Dalton, reveals an experience that somehow manages to be both intimate and remote, but also new and different in an important way.

Her paintings, which have strong presence, permit us to see through a special window into her rich subjective life. The paint itself is applied in a way that is closely bound to its content. Indeed, the interaction is so close that in a real sense the painting seems to have painted itself.

There is a 'speed' about this vision. A speed in the air. It is if the image has been drawn through a giant lens, unfolding before us a direction, a momentum, a breath and a deep texture. It is an experience that can only stop. It never comes to an end.

Article by Terry Pope – Artist and Vision Scientist.

Text copyright © 2004 Terry Pope